Accelerating Software Delivery

Electric Cloud Continuous Delivery Solution

Automated, Faster, Higher Quality Software Delivery

The Electric Cloud Continuous Delivery solution is an automated, scalable, and efficient way to address complex software development environments involving multiple teams, projects, platforms, tools, and methodologies. The solution orchestrates automated and continuous builds, tests (unit and system level), and deployments to all environments in the application delivery pipeline.

"In the past we released products in one to three months;
now we can go from commit to production every 10 minutes. Automation is a key part of making that happen."
Bob Hartley, Development Manager
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Centralize & Automate the Entire Build-Test-Release-Deploy Process

Reduce the cost of delivering software and improve software development productivity by accelerating your application development (build-test-release-deploy) process and the provisioning of their supporting IT resources(physical, virtual, or public/private cloud).

Enable developer "preflight" builds and tests across all platforms

Accelerate and eliminate broken software builds to remove roadblocks to continuous delivery.

Integrate with your existing tools and solutions

Integrate with best-in-class industry tools and in-house scripts with a few clicks of the mouse.

Automated and continuous testing

Automate test resource management, and parallelize and run continuous tests on any infrastructure (physical, virtual, or cloud).

Parallelize individual steps or jobs across multiple environments and infrastructure

Speed up build-test-release-deploy cycles by eliminating slow running tasks that put the brakes on the entire software development lifecycle, thus encouraging developers to run continuous tests.

Deploy application enhancements and bug fixes rapidly, reliably, and continuously

Standardize, automate, and perform faster deployments to achieve faster time to market and ensure higher quality applications.

Dashboards and reports for complete end-to-end visibility and compliance

Improve visibility, auditability, and compliance of your development and delivery processes across the entire software lifecycle.

Scalable and efficient

Scale to support any size project, number of users, or workflow complexity efficiently.