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Maximize Your Return On Investment

Any organization implementing a new enterprise solution can face challenges adopting new tools and modifying existing processes. Electric Cloud services and training help ensure a faster, more successful deployment. Our proven deployment model helps create a center-of-excellence for Electric Cloud solutions within your organization. Our support and maintenance programs ensure that you are ready to address any challenges you may face once you've gotten your implementation up and running.

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Electric Cloud offers a range of on-site professional services to speed your implementation and ensure your success.

Rapid Deployment Program

The Rapid Deployment Program (RDP) solves real-world challenges you face while deploying your reference implementation or first project successfully. Our experts will guide the process, but your team implements the solution, ensuring true understanding through hands-on experience. While many programs focus solely on standing up a system, RDP helps your team formalize its implementation by analyzing needs, defining goals, and customizing best practices and reusable assets for your environment.

Depending upon the program selected, a team can either build a reference implementation (5 days) or complete a small first project deployment (16 days). Both are excellent ways to accelerate the ROI from your software investment.

Customization, Integration, and Staff Augmentation

After the first successful deployment, it is key to foster confidence as other teams adopt the product. Often additional customizations, integrations, and training are required as the deployment expands. Electric Cloud provides a staff augmentation option, bringing additional expertise in house to complete your deployment.

Classroom Training

Any successful deployment starts with a solid understanding of the product. Electric Cloud provides several training options to prepare your team for success.

  • ElectricCommander Basic Training covers ElectricCommander architecture, installation, and automation tasks using projects, procedures, steps, workflows, and properties. (1 day)
  • ElectricCommander Advanced Training covers ElectricCommander advanced workflow, report customization, scalability and redundancy configuration, workspace management, out-of-the-box integration with third party tools, security model, and optimization techniques. Attendees select areas to focus upon based on their roles and immediate needs. (2 days)
  • ElectricCommander SDK Training enables developers to create custom extensions to ElectricCommander with our software development kit (SDK). Custom extensions include advanced dashboards and reporting and custom integrations with third-party tools. (1 day)
  • ElectricAccelerator Basic Training covers ElectricAccelerator (EA) architecture, installation, configuration, and use. Hands-on exercises with open source illustrate basic techniques for porting and optimizing builds. (1 day)
  • ElectricAccelerator Advanced Training covers advanced EA architecture, troubleshooting strategies, compatibility differences, cluster management and resource allocation, and advanced performance tuning. Additionally, we can guide your team through hands-on analysis of your build to demonstrate the lessons learned. (1-2 days)
  • ElectricDeploy Basic Training covers architecture, design application models, configure environment tiers, deployment snapshots and managing deployments. (1 day)

Support & Maintenance Services

Electric Cloud Technical Support has expertise in all aspects of the Electric Cloud products and years of experience with a variety of cross-platform software development and delivery systems.

Software Maintenance ensures you receive the latest software releases. All our support offerings include software maintenance.

Standard Support:

Support and Maintenance meets your technical support requirements 8 hours a day, five days a week. This service includes an unlimited number of support incidents via phone, email and fax.

Premium Support:

Support and Maintenance meets your technical support requirements 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service includes an unlimited number of support incidents via phone, email and fax.

Contact Technical Support

Do you need help? Please have the following information ready when you reach out to the Technical Support team:

  • Your name, title, company name, phone number, fax number, and e-mail
  • Operating system and version number
  • Product release version
  • Problem description

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