Accelerating Software Delivery

The Current State of Continuous Delivery

Earlier in the year,  Electric Cloud’s CEO Steve Brodie wrote a great post predicting that 2014 is the year of continuous delivery. Our friends at Perforce completed a survey back in January where 37% of respondents reported that they had adopted Continuous Delivery (CD) for some projects, and that 46% worry their competitors are using […]

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Electric Cloud joins San Francisco Gaming Community to celebrate GDC

This Wednesday, Electric Cloud is sponsoring a GDC after party hosted by the San Francisco Game and Application Development Meetup community from 9 p.m. –  1 a.m.,  at the Minna Street Gallery in San Francisco, California. “We are thrilled to be a part of this event and connect with the local gaming community,” Says Rohit Jainendra,  VP of Product Development for Electric Cloud. […]

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Why You Need a Bill of Materials

In manufacturing, companies are often required to create a Bill of Materials (a BOM) that describes in detail all of the items that are included in a certain deliverable or end product.  In the early days of software development these descriptive documents were sometimes required as people attempted to understand what was included in a […]

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DevOps and Continuous Delivery Drive Modern Software Development

The demands of the modern enterprise require the software development process to work at its utmost efficiency. The halcyon days of the Waterfall methodology are long past, and even the Agile Manifesto is over a decade old. Collaboration and communication are vital, as the speed of business can’t afford to wait on an outdated software […]

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Pi: a History of Progress

The story of π is the story of people and our struggle to build a better world through trial and error. It is a story of growth through tiny changes Descartes’ expression “I think, therefore I am,” was the origin of the Enlightenment, a time when reason and individualism challenged traditional ways of thinking.  Enlightenment […]

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Why I Love ElectricAccelerator — and You Should Too

I’ve been writing software professionally for more than two decades. In April I will have spent 12 of those years at Electric Cloud working on ElectricAccelerator, first as a regular software engineer and now as chief architect. In Silicon Valley people sometimes look at me in shock — or maybe pity — when they hear […]

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2014: The Year of Continuous Delivery

We’re just a few weeks into the New Year, and I’m already extremely excited for what’s to come in 2014.  Software development is becoming a critical core competency at Enterprise IT, Web and embedded systems companies around the world, and Continuous Delivery and DevOps initiatives are underway.  A recent Forrester Research survey of Fortune 1000 companies […]

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Commander Best Practices: Promoting projects to a production environment

In the last installment, we looked at how to version the source portion of your projects; in this new article we will explore how to version the “executable” part of your project. This is comparable to the individual version of a .c file in your SCM vs. the version of an application. First Option The […]

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ElectricCommander Best Practices: Versioning

If you have any kind of software development experience you are already familiar with the imperious need to use some kind of Source Control Management (SCM) tool such as Perforce or Subversion. In this article we will explore the available options to use such a system for your Commander development needs. As of ElectricCommander 4.2.3 […]

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Gradle Build Analytics and Dependency Visualization

November 20, 2013 Update: The annotation-generator available on GitHub have been extended to now also leverage internal dependency information from Gradle – enabling interactive traversal through the dependency graph and additional reporting such as e.g. Longest Serial Chain and ElectricSimulator. ===================================== With the announcement from earlier this year that the Android Studio should feature Gradle […]

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